The ‘N' Word, And The Demise Of Conscious Rap Media Diversified

He came from California and promoted peace and happiness through his lyrics that talked about his life struggles and what was wrong with the world we live in such as racism and social injustices which he based on the hardships of growing up and having to deal with violence and life in inner cities. Cash Money, Bad Boy, Death Row, and No Limit dominated the radio, moved millions of units, and became the public face of rap. There are plenty of people that have music that will challenge your mental, entertain you and make you relate all at the same time. The drug trade promulgated the values of materialism, violence, drugs and sex and record companies made enormous profits selling that drug culture through the music to the rest of the world.

Babies tap their feet, clap their hands, wriggle around and smile joyfully when they hear conscious music, when hearing unconscious music they either fail to respond or become alarmed and cry. I really appreciate Kendrick because I think he's going to get a lot of people like me into the conscious rappers that were so present in the 90s/early00s. People pulling this rhetorical stunt must explain away a now groaning bookshelf of tomes on hiphop by countless academics and journalists insisting that rap right here and now promises some kind of rupture with the current modus operandi.

Now as far as conscious vs trap, people have Conscious Rap Music to understand that trap music, while not having the best message, is the next generation of rhythm. They were in love with the idea that he was shitting on 'purely negative radio rap' by trolling so much that they actually starting liking that type of music he was making. This new wave for Hip Hop ensured it didn't fade out into irrelevancy like Disco, and also gave EmCee's an opportunity to create content-heavy music to an audience outside the backpack niche.

There is a different between the dance of a country barn dance or western line-up with a country band and the rap dancing with its accompanying intonation and sounds; between the tap dancers metallic beat to a popular tune and the ballet dancers soft pointed feet describing the patterns of a classical piece; the passionate guitar and strong heel beats of a Spanish flamenco and the smooth swirls of an Austrian circular waltz to the strains of a violin.

In 1991, Brenda's Got A Baby” was released and Tupac would forever go down in rap history as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Rap is an extremely masculine space and sexism and homophobia has always been evident in the lyrics 1 , however, I am concerned with the recent shift to the ultra sexualized black woman appearance in the lyrical content of rap.

Rap music generally uses a rhythmic melody line (the vocals) and a beat repeated throughout the song. I think that we're playing a game of racial politics when we say that white kids buy most rap music. His lyrics are still relevant and his influence on today's rap game will last forever and those that looked up to him will continue to spread his messages. Music reflects the state of consciousness that created it - the higher the level of consciousness the more sublime the music. Poets like the Last Poets and Jalal Mansur Nuriddin rhymed with jazz music in the 1960s.

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