HOOPZONE Ball Handling Camp

Good ball handling skills are essential to becoming a good basketball player, especially for perimeter players like guards and forward. Triple threat position, developing a feel for the ball, cross over, between the legs, reverse pivot, around the back, hesitation, retreat dribble, two ball dribbling, advantage area, developing good practice habits, changing directions with the dribble, knowing when to drive and when to shoot, beating the defender off the dribble, backing the ball out with a protective dribble, looking past the defender and the five second rule.

In 1940, the first college basketball game was shown on TV. This game was played between Pittsburgh and Fordham at Madison Square Garden, and catapulted basketball into a national sensation. Hold on to the same stance you used in STEP 4. With the right hand, dribble the ball as fast as possible, moving it between your legs. Controlling your balance and center of gravity is also a key component of good ball handling skills. Kneel down onto the ground and alternate both hands to keep the ball as low as possible to the ground.

Make sure to add this in your basketball training drills as this helps you learn how to dribble competently with each hand. Another thing about the program is that it has a huge video gallery with over a 100 drills and exercises that show Alex performing them all so that each drill is easy to practice and understand for the basket-baller. I mentioned using double-move drills to develop better ball control and confidence.

To be the easiest and fastest way to for any player to increase their ball handling skills and make an immediate impact in game-specific ball handling situations. Drill Type 2 - Movement Drills- These type of drills will teach you to dribble the ball accurately while walking or running up the court. After completing fifty power dribbles the ball handler dribbles low for fifty more dribbles. Dribbling is done mostly with the fingers, which are spread, keeping the palm of the hand off the ball. You will learn how to dribble a basketball, how to shoot a basketball, and basketball ball handling drills as well as basketball shooting drills.

As you begin ball handling basketball to step with your right foot, lift the ball in your right hand and, rather than dribbling it on your right side as you did on your first dribble, slightly cup the ball, and move it behind your back in a circular, descending angle. When doing all drills involving dribbling, it is extremely important that you keep your head up. You must be able to see where you are going and where your teammates are so you can pass them the ball when they are open.

So if you want to learn how to shoot a basketball accurately then learn how to dribble a basketball. The individual exercises in this category will boost your players' close ball control so they don't fumble in a game, while enhancing their dribbling, passing and catching skills. And, when you make a ball handling mistake, celebrate it as one step closer to becoming the ball handler that you dream of being! Lastly, remember to vary the height of the ball, trying to keep the ball in your hands for various times (cupping the ball without carrying).

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