How To Start Shooting Video On Youtube Is Not Working

Responsibility for everything you tell / display / advise. All adults very own head on his shoulders, but be prepared that if you present in the video 'preferred mascara, "which will not suit the subscriber who buys it on your recommendation, he can keep coming back and accuse you of wasted money. On Youtube a while ago there was a scandal with analogue jewellery Pandora - Soufeel. The seller, who dispatched bloggers free bracelets, stated that silver charms, therefore the prices are not inexpensive ($ 16-30 for Attraction (bead)). In the end it switched out that lots of charms are not something that is not silver, also silver-plated, frankly metal jewellery. Part of the subscribers need to spend a lot of money paying for shoddy trinkets. Of course, bloggers themselves have been sufferers of fraud, nonetheless it accused them.

Cons are essential, however the pros more than cover up them. Of course, not all appear simultaneously when registering on Youtube or downloading the initial video)), but their appearance is almost inevitable, if you will be carried away with the tenacity of an individual engaged in the channel.

self-realization. Your channel - your creation, the merchandise is completely created by you that displays the internal self, a vision of peace, attractiveness and so on. This is an opportunity to share what you know how / know to give a part of yourself, a chance to be useful to others.

Increased self-esteem. When viewers become familiar with the new blogger, start to regularly view his video, then as time passes it becomes a stranger of a loved one. And now, along with the criticism, indifference, appear approving feedback, compliments, words of assistance, and various other amenities. Month after month, their amount is growing, you start to believe that people are correct))) And you really are a wonderful blogger, as acquired no concept all his life))

Meet fresh subscribers face. Youtube watch Russian-speaking viewers from worldwide, some of them desire to contact you closer to communicate beyond your channel format (eg social networks), will offer a meeting, friendship, probable invitation to go to other cities, countries and continents.

Support from subscribers. Subscribers that have the blogger as a remote control friend, take to heart all his knowledge, try to help and support. Previously I used never believed, but heartfelt phrases addressed it to you, even yet in print, soothe the nerves much better than embrace a sympathetic relative.

blogger salary because of the monetization. Bloggers, connect monetization, receives a commission for watching commercials before and following the video. Bet modest, about $ 0.8-1.5 per 1,000 commercial views (once the viewer will not miss ads and watched it "from" and "to"). Needless to say, that for a little bit appreciable quantities have months long upload videos for free, forming the basis to promote. The more clear the video, the even more subscribers and casual viewers will look at them, the more income.

Free products are delivered to the review. With the development of subscribers you necessarily interested advertisers who want, what would you inform them concerning the brand / shop their audience, in exchange they will offer you free items. What the program will produce, based on the channel topic. There is beauty bloggers cosmetics, clothes, add-ons, housewares and so on. The first time this plus incredibly pleased, upon shipping and another Chinese dress feel euphoric, but slowly you realize that the house is filled up with trash, portion of the evaluate of the goods suprisingly low high quality and mediocre cosmetics possess nowhere to move. Peredarivat used / uncovered meals ugly, and unhygienic, throw out - sorry, and lie)) Recently, I started to make an effort and to abandon obviously substandard goods that would not really clutter up the apartment and the canal. But if you don't acknowledge on everything, it is critical, then such an opportunity to consider something novoe- definite plus.

Visit of occasions, exhibitions, cities and countries. Bloggers who have formed the middle and a large audience could be invited to the opening of stores, exhibitions, press releases. In some of them inviting party fully cover all costs, airfare, accommodation, meals can also be given additional entertainment and facilities. I'm on this type of scheme offers visited St. Petersburg for cellular wallet TCS display, lived in probably the most famous hotel of the city of Astoria, a penny not paid)) also flies to some other bloggers in Moscow at the plant Faberlic (Faberlic), where we have been the company to pay all costs , arrange a photo session, a visit to the musical "Chicago." Popular bloggers with more than 100-150 thousand subscribers, may invite some other countries, the top offices of businesses and so on. I think this is one of the most enjoyable advantages blogerstva.

Meet fascinating people, media persons, proprietors of corporations and so on. Actually, that is an indirect continuation of the previous paragraph, as at all open public events, which invite bloggers, may be existing heads of firms, superstars and other interesting personalities.

Personal Development. Of course, YouTube, blog will not promise implementation of that, but it is quite stimulating to check out this path. What will be fascinating to the viewer will will have something to understand, explore new horizons, to try themselves in new functions, explore new products, to understand the things that earlier you a hundred years weren't needed. Only there you can shoot video, which is playing with the thought: "I learned something new," recommend a friend to view.

The weakening of the influence of other people's opinions on existence, self-esteem, disposition and behavior. If before you were impressionable dude, which sought to meet up the expectations and hopes of others, will be on YouTube concerning this can end up being forgotten. Sooner or later will recognize that everyone likes is not possible, there will be dissatisfied, intense, boorish opinions or statements psevdointelligentnye with humiliating overtones. Disapproving responses, accusations, allegations of disappointment and unsubscribe from the channel - it is a reality blogerstva. Originally worried, thinking how to improve, concerned about each oppositionist, then comes clarity, that it is impossible to be both a blonde and a brunette, not please everyone, but the most correct choice - to be yourself. Just in this case, to keep inner harmony and near your left may be the people who have whom you breathe on the same page and look in the same direction.

As in any Как начать снимать видео на youtube business, inside reference channel on YouTube has 2 sides. But guided only by the tone of voice of reason and need to quickly find blogerskogo bun isn't necessary. Most likely, the enthusiasm for this approach quickly go out, because "the fruit of a channel" might not ripen months apart and disadvantages will go hand in hand all the time.

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